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The movement of the horse puts the body in a constant state of stabilizing itself. The muscles are always righting the body on a dynamic surface. This tones the trunk core stabilizers and develops the rider’s balance. The legs and thighs are being toned by the isometric contractions of the muscles. The arms, shoulders and back assist in controlling the horse whereby also being trained. These things are happening even if you are not thinking about it - Say strolling on a trail ride!

  • Have you ever wanted to ride horses but thought you did not have the time because of work and family commitments?
  • Do you want to ride and learn in a high pressure barn with your friends without a lot of expense and time constraints?
  • Are the kids now in school and you finally have some time for yourself?
  • Or are you trying to get back in shape after having a baby and the thought of being stuck in a gym is not motivating?

We believe in the adage "the outside of a horse is good for the inside of the inside of a man." Many life lessons can be learned from horses including fear, having fortitude, compassion, and diligence, among others. The horses themselves are our teachers and make us better humans. We use a variety of ways to achieve this:

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The correct body position while riding to facilitate the balance and movement of the horse and increasing the safety, balance, and effectiveness of the rider.


Teaches the horse to carry itself more correctly and teaches the rider accuracy, better application of the aids, use of the seat, and ridability of the horse. 


Teaches the rider and horse about tempo, rhythm, riding connect lines, and striding.


Teaches the basic handling skills, vet care, tack maintenance, feeding and grooming of the horses. This in turn teaches responsibility, trust between the horse and riders, important safety concerns, and important health knowledge of the horse.


For students with physical or intellectual disabilities, based on specially curated adaptive sport program. An evaluation is necessary to make sure this program would be a good fit. We reserve the right to recommend another program if we are not the right environment.


Individual approach is very important during learning process. We happily give private lessons on a regular, on going basis. Private lessons are encouraged for the new rider out of safety concerns and for best results.


Indoor/outdoor lessons with experienced trainers for beginners, intermediate or advanced riders of any age.